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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Boy Named Sue

In this part of the world, one often comes across some very strange names. Today, I opened a folder to review some résumés that had come in and this name was proudly displayed across the top of the page:

Agape Leung. Yes, you are reading that correctly, her name is 'Agape'.

It reminded me of some names I've seen in the past, such as:

Veggie Choy (particularly amusing to us here as 'choy' is the Cantonese word for 'green vegetables')

Milky Chan (and she proudly wore her name badge declaring 'Milky' directly over her right breast)

Titty Chui
(also on name badge and definitely a case of false advertising) and Titting Lai

Rainy Wong
(oh in keeping with the weather theme, there was also a Rainbow Yip)

Candle Chow

Brainy Wong

Macho Wu

Light Wong

Dermis Choy

Brand Lai

Ice Ma

Sony Ip

.... plus so many more I can't even remember right now.

And many, many years ago, I had on the company recruitment database, a Nigel Growcock. I kid you not. Thank goodness I never had to interview him, I don't think I'd have been able to hold it together.

Care to share any unusual names you've found?


Seeker said...

Agape is actually from the Greek word for love (just showing off my limited knowledge of the Greek language here!)

I know a woman who, although she is blessed with the beautiful name of Serina, prefers to be known as 'Snooky'. No idea why!

Fiona said...

Seeker - thank you for that. I was just on the phone with her setting up her interview and I thought a good way to break the ice would be to ask about her name. I said it was unusual and she replied that yes, people often say that. When I asked her if her parents had given her the name she replied that they hadn't and went on to tell me that her English teacher had told her that when she laughs, she is 'agape' and she took that as a compliment!!! LOL

I'll use your wisdom to perhaps coach her into using the Greek root of the word instead, in future!!

Who Me? said...


I used deal with a lady through work who's surname was spelt Baarslag. In our office we pronounced it as it was spelt BAR SLAG! Not very flattering.

If you ever called and got her voicemail, she pronounced it BAR FLUFF (well that's how it sounded!). Also, not very flattering!

Went to school with a kid called Lee King. (What were they thinking?)

Fusion said...

I came across many interesting ones taking phone bill payments for 8 years, hell if i could think of one now though... sheesh.

D said...

Fiona I have always been amazed by parents who call their son Richard when their surname is Head in a similar light men called Michael Hunt must dread having their name shortened to Mike (A Porky's cheap joke there). Finally any woman that loves a man enough to take up their married name when it is Tart or Trollop must be truly in love. I have known both these to happen.

Anonymous said...

There is a doctor whose last name is Uhren (pronounced same as urine), So you can tell people you are going to see Dr. Uhren (urine). Also, I once saw an attorney's office, their names were Cheetham and Steele (their office is now closed though).

Loving Annie said...

Good Wednesday afternoon to you, Fiona ! How are you doing ?

I like what I'm reading here. I'm going to add you to my links, and come back and visit more often !

Uhhhm, I named my little boy kitten 'Harry Gonad' - and everyone seems quite taken with that :)

Loving Annie
Mhmmm Yes I Love That

LePhare said...

I was nearly labeled Vaughn Patrick. Thank goodness my parents saw sense. Do I look like a Vaughn?


Anonymous said...

Harry Hole, Richard Head, Dr. Dickout, Dr. Flood (she's a urologist)

The Last Spartan said...

Dr, Payne (anesthesia), Mary Christmas.

Serenity said...

I see a lot of really bad names at work, poor kids who have to grow named for instance: The car sisters: Lexus, Mercedes, Shelby and Sierra (ok Sierra's a truck, but still). The trend to last names as a first name: Lincoln, Carter, Meyer, Jarvis, Jackson, etc etc. Oh and the poor kid whose name is Kazzer-- what were his parents thinking? I should start a list, it's hard to remember so many really dreadful names. Lyric, Shynelle, oh the whole "my name already sounds like a stripper's so my future job is set" area. I could go on and on.

the sidog said...

I sold a car to Mr. Roger Goodchild and also Mr. Frisbee- 100% true !

Jamie/foundme said...

Ha, the most memorable name I can remember is a baby, who's mother was absolutely offended when I asked her to spell it:


And we've got a Wonder Luckinbill.

We have a lawyer? who advertises his name as "Dick Hunter" I kid you not. He may even be more national than local, but I am agape when I see the billboards!

I also dislike the cutesy spellings of kids names. It's one thing when it's a nickname, but it's another when the kids name is Angel, but it's spelled Ayngell. WHY?

Anonymous said...

The list just looks like a restaurant menu to me and it's making me hungry!

Little Wing said...

Fiona, I have a cousin named Richard, he has a son named Richard.
So they became big dick and little dick.

Matt K. said...

Well, I knew a girl with the misfortune of having the family name of "Ulikas". She was utterly thrilled when her stepfather adopted her and she could ditch the name for a new one.

Where I live, it's not uncommon for couples, when getting married, to create a new family name instead of sticking to the Western tradition of retaining the groom's family name for both, or simply each keeping his or her own. In fact, getting married is the easiest legal method by which to change your name - with the caveat that you can't be changing it for purposes of fraud.

Frank Zappa and his second wife, Adelaide Gail Sloatman, had four children, named, from eldest to youngest, Moon Unit (girl), Dweezil (boy), Ahmet Emuukha Rodan (boy) and Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen (girl). Now there's a family that never bought tourist souvenirs with their names on them...

just a thought said...

what's wrong with Lexus, Mercedes, Shelby, or Sierra? And Lyric sounds cool.

This was before my time with the company, but I'm told by my colleagues there used to be an Oriental woman who married a Jewish guy and had the unfortunate name of Yusuk Feinstein. They said that there were always fights as to who had to call her into meetings...'Oh Yusuk!Yusuk, could you step in my office a minute, Yusuk?'

freebird said...

I've got one of those silly names that reflect one's job - but I'm not telling everybody out there!
(Sorry, haven't contributed much to this, have I?!)

Charmed said...

I have an Uncle named, are you ready? Harry Bush.

kimba said...

My friend Ness has an uncle Randy Rodd.. My first boyfriend (when I was 3) was Nigel Sim.. not funny in itself, until you put my first name with his last.. if I'd married him I woulda sounded like a chinese entreé..


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