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Monday, December 10, 2007

Painting My Daily Canvas

Every day, I start off like this, with a blank canvas and my paints neat and organised and ready to use. I dislike having to compartmentalise my life, but right now there are so many demands on my time I have no choice. I would love to be more spontaneous, to have a capricious approach to it all, but sadly that's not a choice I can make at the moment.

Instead I'm forced to allocate in order to fit it all in. My love has multiple pots, bearing multiple colours, my work a couple of colours, my family and friends another couple of pots. I have to leave a pot for just me, for time to let my brain relax and then another pot or two for keeping my home in some sort of semblance. And sometimes I have to steal a little from one or another pot, to fulfil an obligation or promise which I can't keep with a single pot alone. Sometimes I don't call my sister back the day she calls me. Sometimes I don't answer an email from a friend as promptly as I'd like. Sometimes I have to cut short my calls with my love. Sometimes a piece of work finds itself being carried over from one day to another, or one week to another. Sometimes I just tidy and dust at home instead of vacuuming and wet mopping my wooden floors. Sometimes, my pots run dry.

As I get into each one of my days, they start looking like this. My canvas becomes a chaotic smear of colour on colour, seemingly without blueprint or plan. This is no paint-by-numbers approach, no keeping within the lines. My paintpots fall into a state of disarray and my brushes grow heavy and clogged with colours from different pots.

But, at the end of the day I get ready for tomorrow. My brushes are purged of all residue, my pots organised and replenished. My mind prepares for another blank canvas and another day. As I look back at my day's canvas, there is organisation even in what appears to be colourful chaos. Or perhaps it's just an ability to interpret the patterns and form, one colour at a time. After all, each day is, in its own way, a unique masterpiece of my life.


Jac said...

So at the end of the day, how do you get all those colors back in the right pots? My colors tend to bleed over into the next day, too!

D said...

And what a varied portfolio you have built up. One that would grace any art gallery.Bet you look great in your smock too ;-)

Miranda said...

I like that, its so true. Exactly how my life is. It's true, life isnt a paint by numbers, some times I wish, just for an hour it was.

LePhare said...

I can associated with all you've said although my life is a little beige at the moment..... thankfully.

anna said...

You have a wonderful outlook and approach on life. Unfortunately, I tend to be more like jac - colours bleeding over from one day to the next... never really a clean and fresh start.


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