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Thursday, January 24, 2008

It Worked

So, I told the lawyer who had so generously put himself and his partner into my mum's will as executors, that I wouldn't be using their fee-paying services with regard to sorting out my mum's estate. Surprise, surprise, they didn't feel they should stay on as executors in that case.

Now I'm working with a chartered accountant and while that will mean a bit more effort from my side, I'm happy to do that rather than be screwed by that wassock. He's charging me for his time so far and considering that had already reached 1,000 pounds in just two weeks, for which he's agreed a fee note of half that, I'm pretty damn glad to be away from him. Mind you, 20 pounds for leaving a message on the answerphone for my sister, and 250 pounds just to write to me setting out his terms, the money adds up fast!

The accountant has quoted a flat fee, with which we are all happy and now it's all about knuckling down to produce mandate documents confirming his services to each of the firms he will have to contact. I've done a few but am waiting for the files I left with the lawyer - they're being picked up today and couriered back to me. Yet another cost but I'm keeping tabs as I'm donating my time towards this but NOT the costs arising.

In retrospect, thank goodness I'm handling this as my brother keeps making stupid comments and Rhona is pretty silent, though she did at least thank me and said she'd never have been able to deal with it all. I don't mind this last service towards my parents, I know they always intended me to do this work, in fact a friend of my mother's told me that my mum had said, when she asked her if everything was in order about a month ago: "No, but Fiona will sort it all out."

A rainbow has just appeared in my world. It looks like my love and I might be able to have about five days together just before the middle of February. It's not as though I'm relishing the prospect of another 34 hours in the air, but we need to have some time together. Hell yes, we really do need each other. I miss him and I need so badly to feel his wonderful strong arms around me. Right now I need to feel safe and when he wraps me up and holds me close, that's the only time I really do feel safe and protected. I love him so f'ing much!


Sunny Delight said...

It sounds as if you are getting the legal stuff all sorted out...good for you.

Your brother...eh...blech...f**k him!

Rho knows you are more than capable and does appreciate all that you do...I am thankful for that.

And I also read into this that your mum...thought very highly of you my friend...for some bizarre reason she just wasn't able to say or show it.

As to the last portion of your post...I am smiling hugely, knowing you will be able to feel the arms of your love surrounding you...and you will have some moments when you do no have to be the strong one.

Many, many hugs my dear friend.

Charmed said...

I hope you and he have a wonderful week of enjoying each others company. I don't know how you do it, Fi. I couldn't go as long as you do without seeing the man I love. You are such a strong woman.

D said...

Fiona glad you've taken things in hand- so to speak - and I so love that word wassock. My brother was a property solicitor and I'm sure part of the reason he got out was the ridiculous amounts he was asked to charge for his services when people wanted to buy or sell a house. The flight will seem like a short trip when it comes around and I am so glad that you have the chance to unwind together. Keep smiling and looking at the other end of the rainbow, that pot of gold isn't far away now. Dx

Gillette said...

Sounds like things are finding their order and falling into line. And SOOOOOO happy you get to see your Love. Hugs!

Jac said...

Oh, I am so glad that life is bringing you two that gift of each other. Much needed!! Now, I'm smiling for you.

S'mee said...

That 'wassock' could have cost you at least £5,000 Fi. Thank Goodness he's history.

Got my mother's estate all tied up in 9 weeks, frighteningly quick. Hope everything goes as smoothly for you.

George said...

There is no rush to get everything taken care of immediately is there? Give yourself a break and take some "me" time for yourself in addition to the week you'll be away with the man.

Fusion said...

As others have said, I'm glad you are getting to see our guy, and that estate wise, you're getting a hold of things now.
Take care of you too in the middle of all this, ok?

darkness U.S.A said...

i'm glad you could take care of things yourself and not be at the mercy of those solicitors anymore. good luck in the future.

anna said...

I am just in awe of your strength and capabilities. You have my admiration and always my heartfelt wishes for so much happiness.


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