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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just Deserts

Just Deserts No. 1

Sometimes, good things happen not from being planned, but as the result of a mistake. After the protracted and oft-times frustrating communication with the lawyer who thought he was onto a gold mine via my mother's estate, he's been left with absolutely no doubt as to what several people think of him. During the email to-ing and fro-ing, I copied my accountant on what was transpiring and at the end of it all, after the email I copied to my last post, he replied to me. Ooops though, he hit 'reply all' and his comments not only went to me, but also the shyster. This is what he read:

Dear Fiona,

You read him right at the beginning and you are well shot of him. The reason that they don’t trust you is because they assume everyone is as dishonest as they are – possibly a bit harsh, but you get my drift. He can cause you no ill whatsoever. Anyway very well said!

I will be going on a 2 week holiday tomorrow – hence I am copying to (name), who will be an extremely good ally! I will give her the files and she will look after you. (name), my PA, will also be able to help you. And if you want to use our office as a mailing depot, please don’t hesitate to do so.

I will be taking my laptop on holiday, so I won’t be out of the loop completely.
With good wishes,

my reply to him, and I pressed 'reply all' not realising the extent of the cc list, included the shyster:

Dear (name),

Most importantly, bon voyage and I hope you're off to sunny climes at least! I'll liaise with (name), in fact I've already sent an envelope over addressed to her, containing the notarised documents and first copy of mandate. As soon as I get the package, I'll be able to complete the other mandates and get them off, too.

I don't think your comment was harsh at all, quite frankly it feels as though I've finally managed to scrape something entirely unpleasant off the sole of my shoe!

I hope you have many hours away from your laptop and I'll be sure to get in touch with any questions, to your able team remaining at work.

Take care,


My dear shyster friend replied with:

Dear Fiona,

Thank you for sending payment of the agreed fees and outlays. I have read the emails between you and (name). I shall not respond but I hope that on reflection you both come to regret the use of such language.

I had intended to phone DHL to get your mother’s papers on their way out to you but the tenor of your correspondence with (name) has made me wonder if you mean the papers to go the (sic) Edinburgh. Please confirm your wishes.

Yours sincerely,

and this is my absolute final email to him:

Dear (name),

Obviously that was not meant for your eyes, but I have no regrets on my part.

Please hand over the papers to the DHL agent - they are aware of the destination, which has not changed. I obviously need to make sure everything is returned in good order from you.


Thank you all for the wonderful comments and suggestions you left for me, I would have loved to use them, one and all. Gillette, you're right, the assholes play a wonderful part in giving us a space, and place, to vent!

~~~~~~ o ~~~~~~

Just Deserts No. 2

It's on. I'm seeing my love on February 7 for six days. We're going to be trucking around his home town for a day and then taking a side trip to Chicago for the weekend. Then back to his home town for me to meet the relatives. I hope they like me!

I can't wait to see him again, to hold him again, to be held by him again. And for all that lovely stuff we do together. Oh yes indeed, those really are just deserts.


sophie n said...

hey! my birthday! : )

Fusion said...

Heh, nice to see an asshole get his. Hopefully more karma bites him (as I expect it has before) in the ass down the road.

And so glad you're headed back to the states again to be with your good guy!

Hugs girl ;)

D said...

Fiona only a week to go then - will you still be out there for the 14th although I'm sure every day will be a Valentines day for you both :-)

Fiona said...

Happy Birthday for the 7th, Soph :) May it be a wonderful year for you!

Johh, I'm not finished with the asshole, I'm still reporting him to the Law Society for the way he forced me into paying his feenote before its due date. Might get nowhere, but they need to know about him.

D - no, I'll be travelling back on the 13th but I have some things to leave behind and also little things here and there during our time together ;)

George said...

Good job with asshole. I believe that many people are somewhat afraid of the legal group as a whole and you put him in his place. Atta girl.

Another week and you're in the protective fold of a special pair of arms.

I am going to say have fun but I know you will.

Anonymous said...

Have an enjoyable 6 days with your love!

anna said...

Of course the relatives will like you! All they need to do is see how happy you make him and how much you love him - and that requires no effort at all.

Have a wonderful time, Fiona! You deserve it!

Charmed said...

Chicago is wonderful. I hope you don't get to see much of it. Except of course from your window while you are both in bed!!


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