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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Big Blow

At 5pm on 21 August, the forecast is for a direct hit around 5pm tomorrow afternoon. Looks like we'll get the eye and no work tomorrow!

Update 21 August : Moving closer, potential for a direct hit.

Typhoon Nuri.

Well, here we go again, the third of the year. This one could be the worst yet, it's already at typhoon (hurricane) intensity and still has a lot of ocean to get over. On its present track it will be closest to us on Friday afternoon and it may actually pose a serious threat as it's still turning more westerly.

This may be the big one we've been waiting for, for several years now. Talk about great timing, though, the last equestrian event is tomorrow. That should be able to go ahead.


Loving Annie said...

I hope they are wrong as they have been known to be before, and it just turns into a gentle breeze Fiona.

If not, I hope you - and the horses - are safe

~Tim said...

Stay safe! We're dealing with a tropical storm over here.

D G said...

Oh my, hunker down darling and be safe!

anna said...

Exciting, but frightening. Please stay safe.


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