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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Damn Right - We Don't Want Him Here Either

Update - The Telegraph online:

Gary Glitter arriving at Hong Kong airport and being greeted by immigration officials.
He has flown back to Bangkok airport after being refused entry in Hong Kong

Gary Glitter has been sent back to Bangkok airport and is likely to be ordered onto a plane back to Britain later today after China became the latest country to reject the convicted child abuser.

Thai officials are understood to have prepared deportation papers to eject Glitter following a frustrating standoff yesterday when he refused to board an onbound flight to Britain claiming ill health.

During the negotiations, which left Glitter sitting in the transit lounge in Bangkok for 20 hours yesterday, he was overheard saying: "I've been in jail three years. Now I want to do home shopping in Hong Kong."

On the Thai Airways Flight TG602 to Hong Kong he instructed cabin crew to arrange an escort at the other end and used the onboard phone to get a friend to book accommodation in Wanchai - the city's nightclub area. But upon arrival last night Chinese immigration officials refused him a visa. The former pop star fled to Hong Kong last night but was denied entry and returned to Thailand's main airport. At least 19 countries have now refused to offer him sanctury after he was deported from Vietnam.

Glitter refused Hong Kong entry - BBC News Report

Convicted paedophile and ex-pop star Gary Glitter has been refused entry to Hong Kong after being deported from Bangkok in Thailand.

Chinese authorities informed the UK Foreign Office they had barred Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, 64, after his arrival at 11pm local time (1600 BST).

Earlier he was deported from Vietnam after spending almost three years in jail for sexually abusing two girls.

He flew to Hong Kong from Bangkok after refusing to catch a flight to the UK.

He had boarded a Thai Airways flight to Chinese territory Hong Kong after Thai authorities refused him entry and threatened to deport him to Britain.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: "It is a matter for the Chinese authorities to decide what action they take now."

Immigration police at Hong Kong airport said privacy laws meant they could not comment on Glitter's case.

He had earlier been barred from entering Thailand by immigration officials after he said he wanted to remain in the country or go to another Asian nation.

This was despite a plea for medical treatment as Glitter said he was suffering a heart attack.

Glitter sold millions of records as a glam rock star in the 1970s, with hits including I'm the Leader of the Gang.

Thai police had earlier told Reuters news agency they would be "deporting him to his home country, England, unconditionally".

The BBC's Jonathan Head says 19 countries have already said they would refuse Glitter entry.

The fact he has flown to Hong Kong is a blow to the UK authorities who want to get him home and on the sex offenders register, our correspondent says.

I think these [new paedophile controls] are sensible and proportional ways of toughening up what is already a very tough system.

If Glitter does return to the UK, he will be met at the airport by police and required to sign the register.

He will then be subject to monitoring and have to tell the police where he plans to live and if he planned to go abroad. He could also face an order prohibiting him from going near children or using the internet.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said on Tuesday it was her view that Glitter should be given a Foreign Travel Order (FTO) banning him from overseas travel.

Ms Smith has also announced plans to tighten controls on the movements of paedophiles.

Proposed measures include increasing the length of time an FTO can apply from six months to up to five years, and automatically confiscating the passport of anyone subject to an order.

At present, police are only allowed to rely on evidence from the previous six months about the risk an individual poses, but that time period would also be extended under the plans.

"I think these are sensible and proportional ways of toughening up what is already a very tough system. I think that's what we owe to children in this country and to children abroad," Ms Smith said.

The home secretary's announcement came after children's charity Ecpat UK accused the government of "turning a blind eye" to British sex tourists.

The charity said it was too easy for nationals convicted abroad to stay under the radar of British police upon their return.

For those who haven't heard of this scumbag, here are some highlights:

Gary Glitter is an ageing British pop star (from the 70s)

Arrested and imprisoned in the UK in 1999 after police found over four thousand child porn images on his computer when it was left for repairs at a local shop. Served two months of a four-month sentence and formally classified as a sex offender. Left the UK for Spain then travelled to SE Asia.

Evicted from Cambodia in 2002 after accusations were made that he had sexually abused girls as young as 10 - he said he had been "teaching them English".

Arrested in Vietnam for in 2005 for molesting two girls, age 10 and 11. Imprisoned in 2006 after being convicted of "committing obscene acts with minors". Released on 19 August 2008 and deported from Vietnam, supposedly to travel to UK but he landed in Bangkok and refused to connect to his London-bound flight. Instead, tried to enter Thailand - refused.

Flew to Hong Kong and tried to enter Hong Kong - refused. He's at the airport here now and says he wants to now fly to Singapore (yeah right!!) or Sri Lanka.


Maria said...

I had never even heard of this guy....

I suppose I had better start paying more attention.

Loving Annie said...

YUCK. Pedophiles belong in jail - I hope he ends up back in one.

Fusion said...

Put him on a flight to say, oh Australia or Hawaii, open the door halfway through the flight, strap on a parachute, and tell him enjoy your new country as you escort him out the door...

Fiona said...

Maria - he's the scum of the earth.

Annie - they deserve worse than that in my book, there is simply NO excuse for their behaviour.

John - I'd be tempted to 'forget' the parachute!!!

anna said...

Can't someone just kill him? He's of no benefit to anyone.

Veracity said...

I'm praying the world will unite and set precedence on this one...

For the sake of all children.

freebird said...

Ugh, he makes my flesh creep. I can't think of a better way of dealing with him than the non-parachute idea.
The sickening thing though, is that there are loads of less high-profile paedos out there. Maybe they're the ones we should be worrying about. At least everyone knows who that shitbag is. (Can't bring myself to use his name.)

Gillette said...

Wow...and my daughter's brother in law (a gentle, sweet but stupid young man)is in jail for ten years for pot. What a joke the justice system is.

S'mee said...

Got off the plane singing 'Good to be back.....' as if it was another Gary Glitter Come Back Tour.

Please Fi, have him back. He'll only bleed the system dry trying to prove himself innocent.

Fiona said...

Anna - I believe that inmates have their own code about dealing with people like this.

Veracity - he wanted to stay in Asia because it's easier to procure children for sex. Poverty has that ugly side.

FB - every high profile paedophile keeps the facts out there. I agree, though, that it's the ones undercover who are probably getting away with more than we realise.

Gillette - it's crazy isn't it. And so wrong, just so wrong.

S'mee - nuh uh, he's all yours. Perhaps he'll find himself down a dark alley one day and not come out the other side!!


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