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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sustainability in Love

Love is expressed in so many ways. Some, big, some small. Some which pass by almost imperceptibly, some that scream out to the world.

I have taken some odd turns in trying to find relationships in my life. Reaching out to the wrong person in the mistaken idea that what I was being given, was love. And even experiencing flashes of true belief, that I was with the person I was meant to be with. I know he has, too. I also know that every step we took, every moment of being sure of someone and then being disappointed by them, has led us to where we are today, together.

And that those flashes were just that, unsustainable bursts of energy that were just a scintillation of our senses and nothing more. A connection that seemed true, that seemed real, that seemed what we needed and wanted. But, compared to what we are living today, they were flashes. Something that, for whatever reason, couldn't be sustained with that person.

Today, my husband and I stand closer than ever before. We love deeper than we ever have. We understand each other more and more every day. We appreciate each other. And we respect each other. And no matter what the flashes have been for each of us in the past with those other people, what we are living today is the real thing. True love that is hard sometimes, but which sustains our very existence and breathes life into us. I think of him, I hear him, I see him, I smell him, I taste him, I touch him and I am home.

Steve, when you read this, as you head eastwards from North California, just know how incredibly proud I am of you right now, and how I appreciate the investment you have made in 'us' over the past month. I love you with all my heart and soul, my cherished husband.


Steve said...

Fiona, how did you know that I would be reading this in Detroit right now? I love you my precious, beautiful woman! My WIFE! Vvvvvvbs.

D G said...

Many blessings on you both!

Fiona said...

Because, my love, we are that connected. That's how I knew you'd be here, reading this. I love you, Steve.

DG - thank you - to the man who encouraged me to blog, and which led me to the amazing man I am now married to, THANK YOU :)

Veracity said...

Awww... got a smile on my face just reading this. So sweet and beautiful!

Sunny Delight said...

Such a pleasure to read this.

*Waves hi to Steve* and a big smile too for making Fi feel so loved!

Fiona said...

Veracity - that's what he's constantly doing for me, putting a smile on my face :)

Sunny - *holding Steve's arm up and waving it at you*. He really does do that for me. For the first time ever!


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