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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Life

Seems awfully dull at the moment. I've just done six days in a row of between 14 and 16 hours each (most were at the high end and most without more than a 15 minute break) and then on Sunday I slept like a log, or is it a dog....with me most probably like a hog as I'm somewhat prone to being a trifle audible when I sleep. I can just see Steve reading this laughing, because he knows what I can sound like!

The only thing of any note during my entire week is that I lost a toenail, completely. I'd dropped something on it a few weeks back and it had been sporting an odd brown hue around the base but it never went black so I thought I was out of the toenail-less zone but no, after I spent a nice 20 minutes painting them all a lovely almost-nude-but-slightly-pink-very-subtly-sparkly shade, I noticed my middle toenail on the left foot looked odd and when I touched it, off it flopped. It still hurts a little when I'm wearing shoes but I'm hopeful I have complete regrowth.

Apart from that there really is nothing going on.....how boring am I!! But I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and still trucking on.

Ummm no I haven't been to the specialist yet as the day I was supposed to see him, we had a typhoon alert here and everything closed for the day (of course I came to work anyway thanks to a negotiated deal with one of the few taxis around that morning). I haven't re-booked the appointment but the humming has stopped! After about five days. Yes, yes, I know I should still get checked out and I will, I promise, soon, really I will, absolutely, yes.


Fusion said...


Glad you're still trucking along. Working too damn much IMHO, but that's just me...

Loving Annie said...

Be very careful to protect that toenail from getting any pressure on it. That's what disfigures them afterwards. It'll possibly take almost 8 weeks to grow a new hard nail that is fully out.

~Tim said...

Losing a toenail doesn't qualify for medical leave?

freebird said...

Blimey Fi, your life sounds as much in the doldrums as mine! Do you think we should do something outrageous out here in blogland, just to shake things up a bit? Go on - you first!

(Oh how appropriate - my word verification is ugckgxu!)

Veracity said...

Trucking on is good... Trucking on we like.

Good to know your hearing is back to it's usual best! : )

Anonymous said...

You work way too hard woman. Take care.

Fiona said...

Hiya John - I always work too damn much, but not for long, once Steve is here, I'm going to be home in the evenings...and noone's going to stop me :)

Annie - oooooooops I've been wearing a shoe on it and there's been some pressure, but I can't go around in flip-flops so will have to bear (and wear) the consequences.

Tim - LOL I bet in some places it would. I had to deal with someone the other day who sprained her little finger and a doctor gave her a week off!!! For a non-manual position.

FB - hahahahahha I'm not going first...YOU go first!!

I like trucking on too, Veracity - I tell you it must be age, things dropping off and not functioning. I just hope the essential bits don't give out on me ;)

I know Deb (hanging head sheepishly) but until I figure out how to put a lock on my in-box, people keep putting things into it. I'm supposed to be getting an extra headcount soon, but I've heard these false promises before!


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