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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


That is the somewhat intimidating number of hours I worked from Monday through Saturday, last week. I am hoping that was hell week and things get a bit better from now on. Yesterday I worked just shy of 14 hours and I actually felt like I was going home early, at 8:30pm, having been there since 6:45am. I just wish we operated a compressed work week - that would have given me this whole week off, from the hours worked last week. Though chance would be a fine thing!

Even working all those hours, I found myself in the midst of a disaster zone by Friday evening. This was my work area - yes, there is a desk under there somewhere:

I hate, hate, HATE working like that. And when I took matters in hand on Saturday, I did find a couple of not too pleasant surprises - Monday deadlines I didn't know I had. Well, I applied myself, got the necessary done and then spent a good long while organising myself. This is how I left my desk and I was a much happier person for it:

It was a joy to come in on Monday and (a) be able to find anything I wanted and (b) finally get some working room back on my desk and its surrounding area.

Half the battle is being organised. The other half is just getting it all done once it's organised!


Sunny Delight said...

You are a constant amazement to me. I do hope you are able to cut back on hours soon, and that your company appreciates all that you give them. I worry that you are sacrificing your health.

An organized work space is indeed more conducive to being efficient. There are days, when time must be set aside by me to do the same, otherwise nothing seems to go right...or deadlines are missed!

Fusion said...

I suppose you don't get overtime pay do you?

Glad you got organized Fiona, now get them to let you have a life too!

Be well,


Fiona said...

Sunny, I sometimes don't know where I pull it from either. But it seems to be there, the ability to put in hour after hour after hour...mind you there's not much left after work takes its pound of flesh. I seem to be able to ride through on a wave of caffeine, augmented by this great stuff "Wellwoman Fizz Energize" tabs - with Guarana Extract and L-Carnitine. Tis good stuff!!

John: management = no overtime. If I was able to qualify for paid overtime, I'd have been retired and living THE life by now *L*. My new life is just over the horizon, about two weeks away :) :)

~Just Me~ said...

I get overwhelmed when my desk gets like that. I have to stop and kind of do an overhaul. Hope that it clears off for you soon.

patsy said...

yikes! i am surrounded by a similar messy desk. will you swing by and organise for me? :)

Charmed said...

I know what you mean, I cannot function in clutter.

Girrrllll....you need to a new job!! Those hours are going to kill you.

Fiona said...

Hi Miranda - I get to a stage of 'overwhelmed' too, and have to organise. I keep telling myself - it can only get better. Not too sure I believe that though ;)

Patsy - *L* only if I get time with your doglets :)

Charmed - I just need this one cut in half!!! And bad news, we're on a hiring freeze now (first year in over five, where we're looking at coming in under our projected figures). I'm at the 'don't give a f**k about that' stage, I have my priorities and they include a certain man, arriving soon :)


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