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Friday, January 02, 2009

Goodbye 2008

Today, I closed my 2008 desk diary for the last time, pressing so many memories between the leather-bound sleeves of the cover.

What a Smörgåsbord of a year I've had. At times it has been good and there were a few occasions when it was astoundingly amazing in a life-changing way. It has also been bad, achingly sad and again life-changing, in a godawful way. I've gone from being a daughter to being an orphan. Shortly afterwards I dropped the mantle of single, aging woman and married the man I love to the length, depth and breadth of my entire being. I embarked on my 50s in November and watched my net worth crumble around the edges before the end of the year.

And here I am on the second day of the New Year, looking through the pages of 2008, at dates when I took trips to Edinburgh, Tenerife, London, Phuket, Macau and several places in the USA. Remembering people gone and people found. Relationships lost or floundering, or magically solidified into my future.

Changes in the world, such changes as none of us could have imagined. Some good, some great, some terrible.

What a year it has been. And what a year it will be.


Anonymous said...

Oh Fiona, happy, happy new year to you and yours!

hope to see more writing and more good news from you this year.



Jonas said...

Yes, you've had quite a year, Fiona. My hope for you is that the new year brings more joys and fewer heartaches than ever.

Loving Annie said...

It is truly amazing what we go through in a year, isn't it ? Such a compendium of joy and sorrow and learning and stress and pleasure, and well, wow - isn't it grand to be alive and experience it ? :)

Don said...

A happy and healthy New Year to you, and your special, special man.

Fusion said...

It was so nice to see your comment the other day on my blog Fiona. I smiled and thought she's not blogging much these days because she's living much more life out there with her man.
I'm sending you much love and happiness girl, and wishes for a wonderful new year!

freebird said...

Hmmm, I was sure I'd left a comment earlier... but maybe I fell asleep in the middle of it because I was just so exhausted with 2008!
Let's hope this one's a little calmer.
Happy New Year to you and yo'man, dear Fi. xxx


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