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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Quickie

Just so everyone knows I'm still around, a quick update:

Foreigner concert was very good - their new lead singer has an amazing talent. And just think, he was discovered on YouTube.

Coldplay concert was diabolically good - they played to a rip-roaring crowd of 11,000 and did something I've never seen before - they relocated from the main stage to waaaaaaaaaaay back in the cheap seats, to play a set there on a tiny stage with just guitars and the tiniest keyboard I've ever seen. What a wonderful way to let those less able to pay top dollar for the prime seats, get close to them, too.

Weekend retreat was wonderful, there's really nothing like staying at a five-star hotel and being spoiled silly - helps, too, when you're on the executive floor and the 24-hour lounge delivers a wonderful spread during the day of breakfast, snacks, cocktails and dessert, all alongside a free-pour bar with juices, sodas, waters, wines, spirits - and champagne in the evening.

Working extra hard, and have been for the past two months, trying to keep everything done and done seamlessly, with my boss now having been away for two months - only three more weeks to go!!

Have endured so much keyboarding lately that my hand pain forced me to the doctor today - I'm diagnosed with tendinitis in both wrists - apart from the muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory (and resulting anti-acid) he also recommended moving my keyboard from the under-desk drawer to onto my desktop. Now I have to work out how to find some space for it in this almighty mess!!

My sister has demanded another reprieve and I've given her until August 1 to release my babes to me. And told her to get the balance of the money owed for the sale of the dive centre and do something with the apartment so it's ready to rent/sell. She's pushed me to being mean.

My mother's ashes are still sitting in my spare room. Neither sibling has raised the matter, neither seems too bothered. It has been over a year now. Not too sure if I should just hire a boat one weekend and scatter her where we scattered my dad's ashes.

Speaking of my mum, we continue to pay council tax, electricity, insurance, etc., on the house and so I mentioned to my brother (who took on responsibility for the sale of the house) that maybe we need to at least look at renting it out during the summer, it's a perfect vacation house, and all I got was 'good idea'.....and then nothing else. ../.. is my typed equivalent of giving him the bird.

Counting down to the boys coming over and there are so many things planned for them, I'm sure they'll have a brilliant time here. And to be honest I'm really looking forward to the peace and tranquility of the pool villa at Banyan Tree, again.

Apartment prices continue to drop and I think we'll go into a serviced apartment for a while, until Lupo comes over and while the boys are here, that way we're not 'out in the sticks' for their visit and if I go into one of my company's residential complexes, the facilities are awesome for them.

We celebrated our first anniversary last week and all I can say is that I continue to grow in love with my husband. We tolerate, and even laugh at, each other's flaws and celebrate in big ways, the love we share. Happy, happy, happy us :)


~Tim said...

Glad your still around.

Wouldn't a typed bird be more like




Anonymous said...

good to hear from you fi! sorry about the tendinitis. ouch. i've said it a bunch of times, i'll say it again ---- you make me believe there's still hope in love out there...

Fiona said...

Hi Tim - you're absolutely right but the darn thing won't take a vertical line, so I've had to put in a slash!!! I even tried copy/pasting yours but it still didn't like that line!!! :)

Hi Hon - there IS hope, goodness knows I'm one of the lucky ones, but it is there, I hope you find your comfort soon :)

freebird said...

Great to hear from you Fi. Anniversary??? Already???!!! Where does the time go? Congratulations, the two of you. The concerts and hols sound amazing. Hope the hand pain goes soon. x

Gillette said...

Happy Anniversary, Fiona. Busy, busy as always. You sound content with life. Blessings!

Fusion said...

Happy anniversary to you and Steve Fiona! And still jealous you got to see Coldplay. They're not playing anywhere close around here *frown*

anna said...

Wonderful update! So glad that so many things are going well. Happy anniversay to both of you!

Jonas said...

It's been a YEAR!?! Oh, my...time truly does fly!



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