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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Doubly Blessed

T1 born at 1240pm, just over 6 lbs.

T2 born at 1242 pm, just under 6 lbs.

My bestest friend, my chosen sister, gave birth last week, to twins. These beautiful boys came to their parents on 3rd March, after several years of trying to conceive. I'm overjoyed and in total wonder of the strength and passion of my dear friend. And what a wonderful end result of all the hard work.

She's an amazing mother to her first-born, and will be an equally-amazing mother to her two new boys. And while she may have wanted at least one girl, I know why she has been blessed with three boys - because seeing how her first-born is turning out, her gift to the world is raising such amazing little men. And the world needs more of those.

They are so perfect and so beautiful, and I'm so proud of her.


anna said...

They truly are beautiful! Congratulations to her and her beautiful family.

Loving Annie said...

Beautiful healthy boy twins - yeaaaay ! Congratulations to your best friend/ sister, Fiona :)

Loving Annie

Fusion said...

Great looking little boys there, just perfect! Hearing of so many little ones being born recently. Nice.

Sunny Delight said...

This brought tears of joy to my eyes.
I'm so happy for her. They are perfection!

Charmed said...

Those babies are BEAUTIFUL!!

I want one of them. Just one of them. ;-)


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