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Friday, October 02, 2009

My Boys

Update 5 October:

The vet gave me some appetite stimulants for Lupo yesterday and he ate, and enjoyed, his first complete meal since he arrived. Note to self: Wash fingers after handling those tablets if they can do what they did for Lupo in the space of a couple of hours!!

The boys arrived in fairly good form a week ago.

Toffee has settled in to what must seem like heaven - love, food, attention, love, food, attention.

Lupo, my darling, beautiful, amazing boy, however, isn't doing very well. He hasn't eaten a proper meal since arriving, subsisting on some hand-fed food, some treats and not too much more. I'm taking him to the vet on Sunday (am back at work today and yesterday and tomorrow are holidays here so no vet).

He's happy when at the beach and swimming, running or the ever-popular frisbee-catching, good when resting at home (yes, I let him on our bed and sofa), but morose the rest of the time.

Thank goodness he's still drinking lots of water.

Rhona and I differ on our approach to this lost appetite. I favour finding things he WILL eat and if necessary hand-feeding him. She shouts at him when he doesn't eat from his dish and orders him around. She is using this very slow adjustment to his new life to chastise him for not eating and then telling Steve (she wouldn't dare say this to me) that she will take him back with her.

The climate is not what he's used to, I now find out that she's back with the asshole boyfriend who has a dog which is Lupo's buddy, he's in all new surroundings. It will take time for him to settle into his new life without his regular buddy and which cannot include three-hour outings every day - as I explained to her, noone can sustain that and have a job. I had to bite my tongue so as not to say "and have their rent paid for them for almost nine years".

Steve adores him, he adores Steve. They even went for an after-dinner walk/run yesterday which was so good for them both to be together like that. Of course Rhona had to use it against me as being yet more proof I'm not looking after Lupo. I slapped her down with just one sentence - a reminder that only under her care, had the poor dog pooped in his own home, a source of awful embarrassment for one of the cleanest dogs I've ever known. And the reason for that embarrassment? She slept through his crying to be taken out with a sore tummy. No doubt a wine-induced slumber.

Fingers crossed we can sort out his eating. I will sit on the floor and hand-feed him every kind of meat he loves, to get him over this. I hope the vet can help, too. It saddens me more than I can say, to see him like this.


Fusion said...

Sounds like he's just missing his doggy friend. I think until he adjusts you should keep your sis out of the house, she's nothing but negative energy. I'm sure in a few weeks he'll be right as rain. Glad your "boys" are there now.

chele said...

Fi! He will be just fine. He has been thru a very tramatic time lately. Traveling like that is very hard on a dog. Everything is all new to him and a bit scary. he will adjust just continue doing what your doing. Give him treats if you want but dont stress over the eating part ..a dog will not starve its self. He just needs time to figure it all out and settle in. Im sure he misses his buddy but you and Steve will take care of that in no time. He will be happier than he has ever been! Rhon can get over it..she had him for far to long and is no expert..YOUR his mama and mama knows best..always has! Hang in there..things are going to be wonderful!! Im so happy he is home with you..Not sure if you knew about my "new" baby? I got her for xmas last year? Stella the blue pitbull lol..lord she isnt Tango by no means..she is a dog..he was a person lol!!!

love ya dear one..your boy is going to be ok..just make things as normal as possible for him!

Anonymous said...

I am so so happy they are with you...but I feel your distress at Lupo's sad mood. Just give it time...he will remember your love...and your life together. your sister sounds like a bitch...i'd like to slap her sometimes...sorry.

Fiona said...

Hi John - yes, I think that's a huge part of it, no matter how close he is to Toffee, and they are close, he needs doggy companionship. I'll be doing something about that before too long. I saw a gorgeous rescue puppy named Pia at the Dog Rescue place.

Chele, hello my love. Thank you for your words, you do know your dogs :) :) No, he'll not starve and despite Rhona's sour face, he'll get what he WANTS right now ;) Yesterday it was ground steak and shin beef...yummy!! He's enjoying his beach frisbee-catching fun and his swims - the water is so lovely and cool without being cold. We're so lucky to have found a place with such potential for him, basically in the middle of a city!! Oh Chele, there will never be another Tango, beautiful sweet boy, and he will live forever in all our memories. Hugs :)

Ms. Hurricane - don't worry, I feel the same way about slapping her sometimes. But she can lay off me if she knows what's good for her ;) He is definitely looking up, brighter eyes and he does love his new 'papa' so much, they go for runs together. He's always loved having a man in his life and finally he has a good man in his life, not just a man!!

kimba said...

great to hear your boys are with you now Fi.. it seems like it has taken soooo long!

how is toffee doing? I am sure Lupo is on track now.. love is a powerful healer [as is ground steak, so I hear ]

Fiona said...

Hi Kimba

It has taken years....and now we are all together.

Toffee is just a joy, though very clawing and wanting an awful lot of luuuuurve :)

Lupo is settling into a new way of life and yes, the ground steak has gone a long way towards doggie bliss. Today it was ground steak and a rib eye we had lurking in the freezer, plus some bikkie. He at the lot, first empty bowl we've had!!!

It's just so wonderful having this company again...and being able to be a part of Lupo's life.

Thank you :) :)


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