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Friday, September 08, 2006

We Grow

We grow as the tree grows,
putting out new leaves in spring.
And through it all, the soul remains hidden,
adding ring upon ring upon ring...

~ Author Unknown ~

In getting to know me, someone is asking questions that are peeling back my rings. It really is amazing how we add on those rings from each 'spring' of our lives. And how it takes looking back to realise the way they were added. And what consitutes a ring.

I'd love to be able to take a section through my soul and examine the rings like we do with a tree. Analysing them to determine a rapid growth period, versus a slow one. Would life's tribulations appear as impact scars as they do on a tree?

I like this tree's soul because the centre is off-balance. As though one side developed normally, while the other took its time. That the more compact rings maybe represent a need to keep things tight inside. I can identify with it.

Or maybe the side that moved away from the centre was stretching out to something good and positive and oh so needed. While the other side wasn't sure and hesitated while each ring was added.


Sunny Delight said...

This reminded me of a tree stump I was once shown during a school field trip, again it's center was off balance...in the early years, the rings were almost the same size, life was balanced, then as time passed, it became less so, one side growing ever more outward in larger spans,with a few smaller ones intermingled..... but the other side did not ever achieve that same amount of growth, some portions on that side were even discolored (from road pollution), but the analogy is there...as you so aptly put it...we do grow outward in varying degrees throughout our lives, and sometimes that growth is so huge, that we have to tighten up, to assess where we have been, what we have learned, or protect it from people that may have tried to pollute our souls...

But we keep growing, even if it tis a bit off balance...I keep thinking that finding that balance in life would be soo wonderful, but maybe, just maybe it would be a bit on the boring side too...I think I'll keep leaning toward the sun and fresh air as best I can, using my leaves to brush that pollution away from me.

did you ever write something and then think...wtf am i talking about? *L* made sense as i was writing it though...bigbusyhugs!!!!

Sunny Delight said...

doh...that was supposed to be bigbustyhugs!!!!!!!! Maybe I just thought I got enough sleep last night!

Zibi said...

hmmm... Some food for thought.. Anyway enjoy the weekend.

Miranda said...

Cool thought.

Fiona said...

Aaaah Sunny I knew you'd be able to make a connection and put some more sense to that thought *S*

And hey - busy busty hugs are the BEST!!!

Zibi and Miranda - sometimes we just need to sit and think ...don't you think? :)


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