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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Six Weirdnesses of Fiona

I was tagged by Steve. And this is apparently how it goes:

Each player of this game starts with the “6 weird things about you”. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

OK then....six degrees of my weirdness:

1. I am dyscalculic. Mainly quantitatively. It's not a very common thing and doubly weird for me as I'm in the numbers side of HR, as compensation specialist! This went undiagnosed while I was in school so wasn't addressed as a learning disability and I was thrown out of maths when I was about 12. It just goes to show, I haven't let my limitations limit me.

2. I love to eat with my hands. Slap anything between two slices of bread (wholewheat please) and I'm happy. Anyone else like spaghetti bolognaise sandwiches? I know Chele does :)

3. I have a queen-size bed but sleep on about 1/6 of it because I'm a bed-edge hugger. On my right side, with my left arm hanging over the edge of the bed. Oh and I also hate my feet being covered, even if it's really cold.

4. I drink plain hot water. Actually that's not even weird in this part of the world! Most of us do it. Not warm water but hot-out-of-the-kettle water.

5. I'm a sequential eater. Not in the scientific sense, but if separate, different foods are on my plate, I'll eat one at a time. I'd never take a piece of meat, add a forkful of potatoes and top it off with some veggies and put it in my mouth. Oh no, first a piece of meat - well even all of the meat. Then potatoes. Then the veggies.

6. I don't like to sleep in total darkness. I dislike the feeling of sensory deprivation. Usually I leave my bathroom light on. Which also helps in avoiding broken toes as I navigate to the loo a couple of times a night to pee!

Well, now I'm supposed to tag six people. I'd rather just say, for those of you who visit and haven't yet been tagged, would you like to give this one a go on your blog?


Sunny Delight said...

Lol you do have some strange quirks my friend...and I am not sure I have enough brain power to share my own...but god do I have them!

Fiona said...

hahahahahahahaha there's another one I forgot.....

I can't bear hot water on my back in the shower, I get the feeling I can't breathe if hot water hits my back!!

oh go on Sunny...go on *L*

LePhare said...

You had me running for my dictionary again, 'dyscalculic' in deed!. One or two had me thinking 'me too' although I've given up the sequential eating.

At least I've got a word verification tonight. The last couple of nights I've had the dreaded red X.

Fiona said...

Ian you nut...that's why I attached a link to the word!!! Just run your mouse over it and click and there you are...all explained....well as far as it can be *L*

Oh dear ... a little red x....something to do with you or me? *L*....probably just to do with my recent move to beta if it's me?

So, are you working on your 6?

CourtesyZealot said...

Don't feel so bad about the sequential eating thing. I know I guy who has it so bad, all of his foods must be on separate plates, or on a plate with dividers.

This creates a great opportunity for shenanigans if he gets up from the table while we're at lunch...

Fiona said...

Oh I'm not quite THAT bad .... my food can rub shoulders all it likes.

But those shenanigans are mean *L*....

LePhare said...

Me? Weirdnesses? I am the most normal person I know. Everyone else is WIERD! lol.

Fiona said...

Ian....holds up my hand and shows you the palm....pointing to it...talk to the hand!!!

Come on now .... I bet your weirdnesses will make all mine seem really tame ;)


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