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Monday, May 07, 2007

Bear With Me

It's going to be a mushy week. I'm seven days from liftoff. Quite literally.

The plans already include the renting of the sort of vehicle where the back seats can fold down flat. Because we don't think we'll last the two-and-a-half hour drive from the airport to the hotel.

Giving me the opportunity to see a bit of the country by flying into an airport a little distance from our final destination, seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean, we could have flown right into the airport closest to where we'll be staying, but that would have meant we were kept apart another three hours. Right now, we might not even get out of the car rental bay without a quickie!!!

It's called being REALLY pleased to see each other. I've never done 'it' in a car before. Any tips apart from making sure I have some wet wipes handy?


Jonas said...

"...we don't think we'll last the two-and-a-half hour drive..."

You made me chuckle, Fiona! Have fun on your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Wear a skirt with no panties or pantyhose. Hey, you asked! Hope you have a good time.

Miranda said...

Smiles...sounds like a great time. Tips? mmmm I think deb covered most of it. Just make sure you pull over before doing anything, that may cause a foot to push the gas to hard. (lol maybe its like a dont drive and use the cell phone rule)

Trueself said...

I think Deb pretty well covered it there. Of course, if you can get him to go commando too it'll make things that much easier.

Oh and Miranda makes a good point too about pulling over before indulging. Safety first, you know!

Fiona said...

Hahahahahahahahaha you girls!!!!

Deb - well now there's a thought. Though knowing my luck I'd catch a strong breeze and reveal bits I'd rather not to all and sundry LOL.

Miranda - good thought and don't most cars have that damn console now between the two front seats? I can just see me cracking a rib on the gear-shift or something!!!

Trueself - I can just see him getting Mr. Delight caught in his zipper...there I'd be with a cracked rib and he'd have flesh missing from his very important part before we even got out of the parking lot!!!!

Thank you for the laughs...and the suggestions ;)

Fiona said...

Jonas - sorry I had to repost this coz I had a typo and I HATE seeing those!!

Ummmm.... suffice to say that while I was typing this post, he was scanning Google Earth to find quiet, out of the way places to park, along the route ;)

anna said...

"Mr. Delight" - that made me giggle.

I get giddy with excitement when I read posts like this from you.

Fiona said...

Anna - ;) I get giddy too! Oh - is your blog by invite only? May I have one please :)

LePhare said...

There's nothing like playing hard to get, and what you have planned is nothing like it!

Fiona said...

Ian - no TIME for playing hard to get. I want good quality Mr. Delight time ;)

Unspoken Drama said...

Hehehehe this made me giggle. I so totally know what you mean...hence the reason we *never* select a hotel more than 20ish minutes from the airport. Last time we were together we almost didn't make it to the hotel. ::grin:: And of course all cars have those dreadful consoles...killer on the ribcage! Oh for the days of cars with bench seats!




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