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Monday, April 07, 2008

Blog Goodness

During the time I've been a blogger I've seen - and often responded to - people using birthdays as a time to help others instead of themselves; gentle nudgings towards good causes; and even more direct marketing to generate interest in a specific issue.

Jules of Jul of the Day did a wonderful thing on a birthday past, she got people to donate books to a shelter, rather than taking any birthday gifts herself. And she, herself, was a primary contributor to the success of the drive.

Now, a couple of people are doing something to help others, Violent Acres (and her April 4 post) as a way of a birthday challenge and The Dog's Breakfast (reference the April 4 post) by way of pointing us to a friend who is about to travel and contribute time and effort to some excellent causes. I love both of these. I am a supporter of the selflessness of using birthdays to generate good for other people, rather than ourselves. And being someone without the time or effort needed to support some of these causes, my way is by way of donating financially.

May I ask you all to take a look at these and see if you would like to participate in some way. I'm not soliciting (I don't like that word), but just opening up their efforts to a slightly wider audience, through my blog.

Thank you.



Mary said...

Thanks so much, Fiona! I really appreciate the link.

panthergirl said...

Thanks so much Fiona! You may well be the prize winner!


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