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Monday, May 19, 2008

Back to Here and There

Two whole weeks of an amazing time together. No work, no commitments other than pleasurable ones, no demands, no separations.

Now we're back to here and there again, with half a world between us, but what an amazing honeymoon we had. I'm facing a crippling workload and a surge of issues about the house in Scotland to deal with, not to mention a depressed sister, once more.

But the only thing that makes me stop and ponder, is the fact I'm sleeping solo again and I quite simply do NOT like that. I miss him so terribly. More than I ever have before.

Will post some photos as soon as I can.


Jac said...

Oh honey, welcome home. Now you just have to decide where and what is home, huh? Sometimes I hate going away because the return is so difficult. I guess one step at a time. We, your fans, really missed you!!!!

Fusion said...

Welcome back Fiona, glad you had a wonderful time, thought about you both several times. I can't even imagine how hard it is to part now... That has to end soon :)

Hope all the work and family issues are resolved soon too.

Cheers to you and Steve.


freebird said...

Abso-fucking-lutely! Been looking out for you for simply ages and spotted you in my stats earlier - hooray! (Haha, we know where you are!!!)
Anyway, welcome back, Fi. I'm sorry it can't be both of you in the same place - it must be so hard. But your time will come. Can't wait to hear all about it.
Lots of love,

Fiona said...

:) Thank you Jac. We've figured out the 'home' thing, it's wherever we are together....we just need to make it happen at some point on a more permanent basis, no matter where. Aaawww thank you for missing me :)

Hiya John. It IS hard parting, harder than ever. And now that he's visited, even a trip to Starbucks tugs at my heartstrings with memories of time spent there together. Thank you for thinking of us :)

FB - hello!! I've been catching up on people's blogs and I see from yours that there are some changes afoot - can't wait to hear more :) Yes, our time will come...we need to be together and realise that more than ever.

sulky girl said...

Hi darlin'
What are you and your husband going to do next? I am sure you were nutting out the here and there of it all.. Wishing you close again soon x

anna said...

Welcome back! You were missed. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time and am looking forward to seeing pics. I hope the two of you manage to find a way to be together permanently very soon.

Sunny Delight said...

Welcome back...not home...since home is where the heart is...but I am so happy you two had this time together.

You were often in my thoughts these past few weeks, I hold so much hope for the two of you.

Much love and hugs sent your way darling woman.

S'mee said...

Much missed by me Fi. Looks like your hands will be full for the next few weeks. Take care,
IanS. X


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